Saturday, 22 September 2007

my lens:Around Nanjing, Shanghai 2007


The Simper said...

the one on the right.. is i a restaurant??

Deema said...

no you can call it (mad5al fireej)
there are families inside

Deema said...

and the bamboo is a scaffolding!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog Deema.

Bookmarked :-)

How refreshing. Thank you for setting me on optimism mode this morning :-)

I look forward to the rest of the day, and be sure to keep it up; I'm going to need these doses regularly!

A fellow Jiblawi :-)

Deema said...

Dear Anonymous

Glad you like the blog :D

school started! so i thought of keeping on Photography coz it's ever on going and ever popular :)

Thanks fellow!

david santos said...

Hello, deema!
Very good posting
thank you

Deema said...

David Santos:
Hello :)

Welcome Here