Wednesday, 26 September 2007

my lens: Water Town, Shanghai 2007

"Give a fish to a man; he has food for a day. Teach a man to fish; he learns a skill for life."
~Fan Li

"Learn without thinking begets ignorance. Think without learning is dangerous."
~Confucius - Lun Yu Chap. 2

"If you stay where you are, life will change in front of you and then you follow this change. if you move, you are only competing with life. when can we be life itself?" ~Deema


Patrick Semaan said...


Deema said...

Patrick Semaan:

hello ! thak you :)

The Simper said...

if we don't get overwhelmed with life it self. and live ours naturally ;) (answering ur question)

Purplecious said...

يا سلام عليج يا ديما

شنو هالحكم شنو هالمواعظ الطيبه

يقولج بعد عط الخباز خبزه حتى لو أكل نصه

مو مني ديما من اليوووووع

انزين تبيني أتفلسف و انا صايمه و لا عقب الفطور؟؟

شوفي توني يايه من سمبر و متحجيه فصحى هناك
عاد انتي مادري شنو بيطلعلج
الله يستر


when can we be life itself?

الجواب: اذا حان الأوان

"درب الزلق"


الاستاذ سمبر

انا تعلمت منك شغله
الحياه= الناس

"you are only competing with life"

according to this equation, we are competing with people since

no PEOPLE y3ny no LIFE

3adil estathy??? ;)


Deema said...

The Simper:

Naturally is the word :)
(as you answered you actually described my photo)


:P he he 7ayalla Purple
ba3ad shasawy ma 3indy wagt aktib kalam a6wal mn chithee :D

o walla ma3thoora 3ala halmathal :D

salfat il5abbaz thakkaratny bqi9a gaylat ha 7ag banat 5awaty :P

ana agool iljawab.. itha zalag hally bil9oora :D

I can believe that people are knitted with life, and have a beautiful pattern resulted by my decisions and lively actions.

but it is very interesting thinking about it your way, i am imagining a life that consist of only people! nothing else!

how stimulating ....