Thursday, 27 March 2008

Dear Weather,

We were working, and suddenly shocked by the outdoors! The red sky today was such an event!



Big Pearls said...

dust dust dust...I feel sorry for those who had planned outside dinners or parties!

Deema said...

Big Pearls:
ee walla 9ajja, 3ad ilyom illy gabla kan iljaw 7iloo, bs jow likuwait mataamneen la..

yalla il7imdilla 3ala kil 7al :)

..::Amu::.. said...

I heard the same when I called my friends they said the sky was dark red and scary!!

I think we should be expecting some more this year as we didn't get enough rain in winter...

Deema said...


hey how is it over there :)

o o 3an raining, pray for summer rain, as every thing is unexpected, rain in winter may be -inshalla- expected :D

MUSTANG said...

ee loon el smaa kaan 7adda y5r3 fa gilt anam a7sanly ma3ana kan 5amees welmafrooth a6la3 w mag3ad filbeet.y3ne el jaw 9ara7a kan maysa3d bs hm 6l3t bleel 3gb ma6a7 shwy l'3bar! bs el 7imdella kint m6al3a 7arti elyoom elli gablaa cuz kan el jaw 7ada 3jeeb mashalla w re7t kilm mokaan l7mdlla w stnast hehe;P bs el yoom hmn kan shwy '3baar wel '3areeba enna el ba7r mtroos w kilmn ga3d ytsb7!mo chna tw el nas 3la el sboo7 wel jetskyat;* 5a99a enna kaan wayd hawwa w moooy 2day:S

Deema said...


walla '3areeba!! ana ams r7t ilba7ar 9ob marina bs kan ya9fir 7azzat il3a9ary.. illa chan ilyom ya3ni weekend..

3ala 6ary ana many fahma li'3bar e6ee7 walla yirtifi3?

Hitman1 said...

My office doesn't have windows due to safety concern (Chemical plant)... So imagine the look at my face when I went out and saw the red skies as opposed to the clear blue sky half an hour ago!!!!

This sucks... the whole weekend is ruined :(

Deema said...


that is scary! thank god dust lessen at night, ams kan iljaw waaayed 7ilo 3ugb ilma'3arb .. shakla inshalla be5uf..

Anonymous said...

no diffrence between the view from arch.dalal's window and your window ;)

Deema said...




you got it right ;)