Thursday, 13 March 2008

I am

I have very few things to say as I am working in my room at the KU all day, but I will be here, i may write stories, letters or thoughts, I don't know but there will be sure a language.


Dalal Arch said...

Missed you dyoooom :) wish you were here

Deema said...

ohhhhhhhh dalaaaali

i wish everything is alright, you were in my mind since you left.

i wish i can come!

but as for now


Anonymous said...

Ahhh write anything and everything atleast you are back :)

Welcome again!! You have been missed greatly...

Someday said...

Just let those rays sneak in, they can surely brighten our world!;*

The Simper said...

welcome back..

and here is a gift for u for coming back:

an exhibition by jeff wall (a noted photographer) at MoMA, hope u enjoy it :)

Deema said...

thank you thank you :)
The world is always bright and the morning is never to an end :)
The Simper:
thank you for the nice gift :D

it is really a nice exhibition! never knew about it.

Someday said...

Definition of rays in the sentence: rays of that shine your soul possess