Monday, 31 March 2008

an idea!

have you ever had a great idea while sleeping?


the.thinker said...

ee wallah .. eny a9eer actor :)

mn kthr ma ashoof movies loool

oo anty ?? shno shfty fe al 7lm

Deema said...

The Thinker,

he he well be so it is a very nice profession :)

as for me, i see - i know it is creepy- but all my ideas about design. i find design solutions, i do drawings meetings!!!

i know it is weird bs sometimes when i really need an idea i go to sleep!!

or go to somewhere completely away from the place i work..

Big Pearls said...

I think I probably did when I was in med school and it must have been about exams:p

Anonymous said...

while sleeping yes
i should add that the water cerculation does circulate the ideas in my head!

Deema said...

big pearls:

well you should do it more often :P


lol so they're ideas bilmagloob?

Dalal Arch said...

you spend 64% of your awake time in the water cycles !! of course some ideas will be generated in there !

Anonymous said...

I sleep like a baby so no ideas no dreams that how dumb I am...or sometimes I think about frictionally things :D

Deema said...


oh that rarely happen to me :D

.. it is really interesting to find about the potentials of a dream.

Anonymous said...

doli i really miss u

Deema said...

to doli,

me too ;)

The Simper said...

how about when having a siesta? ;)

Deema said...

i guess this would make it more valid, for at that time .. you really really wanna relax from the process of thinking, so you . get an idea!


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