Thursday, 3 April 2008

Life Repeated,

it is another feeling we no longer sense, or are you still? it is a phenomena which can lead to a mental belief, that, the story of one's life can be repeated in another, either inherited father to son or just happened to be the same in a completely different context.

and i think it somehow coincides with an Arabic saying about the similarity of the physical features between some people: "40 born in the same look". or in another level with the theory of universals in the platonic realism.

acting... the tendency to simulate others.

then what is difference? is it only a time-related feature?


Big Pearls said...

I heard about it a lot when I was in Thialand..u can even be an animal in your repeated life!

Deema said...

well i am not particularly ment that, i ment it is about the events that surround a particular person, the story around the person being repeated..

i after that compared it with the physical similarities.

but yes this is another wonderment..