Sunday, 20 April 2008


A working day .. should be associated with Fairooz

أنا لحبيبي-لا تسألوني ما اسمه حبيبي


Moi said...

beautiful.. ! keep working and good luck ;)

Deema said...


mashkoor :) walla music is a real companion while working ma buga shay ma sima3ta !

Anonymous said...

good luck o Allah yewafgch enshallah :)

Deema said...


mashkooor weyak inshalla

Patrick Semaan said...

Try (if you like) more electronic and more sophisticated tunes, music for "Boards of Canada", "Schiller", "Air", "Telepopmusic".... I can share some download links if you would be interested.

Good music keeps up the good work vibe.

Fa6ma said...

I dislike that song although love Fairooz,, totally personal reasons..
Best wishes! =)

Deema said...


thank you so much i really need some suggestions! :D

i love it is an amazing music site you can even do an online list which is faster than downloading :)

tell me if you have another one
it sure is thanks again :)

i like the second song (la tas2alooni) coz msameeny 3alaiha ;)