Sunday, 13 April 2008


"A Nest -and this we understand right away- is a precarious thing, and yet it sets us to daydreaming of security" ~Gaston Bachelard in The Poetics of Space.

"What we call chaos is just patterns we haven't recognized. What we call random is just patterns we cant decipher. What we can't understand we call nonsense. What we can't read we call gibberish. There is no free will. There are no variables. There is only the inevitable." ~ Chuck Palanhiuk


Big Pearls said...

your posts are interesting..seriously!

Deema said...

Big Pearls,

7abeebty thank you !

as much as i love to be stimulated i like to stimulate thoughts in readers :)

Moi said...

i agree with big pearls "interesting"! specially the one 4 Gaston Bachelard.

Ahmed© said...

your into Photographing?

Deema said...


thank you :)
and as for Gaston, i have his book and it is just as you both described! he merges poetry with a philosophical analysis to give an understanding on how we experience intimate places..

I think both quotes apply to this image that i couldn't place only one, i might make one quote out of what i understood which is something a bit shifted from what they're saying.

yes :)
i studied manual photography and practiced the digital by default ,but still insisting on an SLR camera.
you might have a look on my flickr photos (look side bar), though not too many :)

Moi said...

what is the name of the book, i want to read it lol..!

Deema said...

The Poetics of Space: The classic look at how we experience intimate places,by Gaston Bachelard.


Someday said...

That's a prespective I never knew before!!

Deema said...

yeah me neither =)

Deema said...

we 6a3 ana i thought this comment on the time dictation :P

but this perspective i always thought about, it is interesting and you can't just get bored of the idea, it keeps molding :)