Friday, 11 April 2008

The Letter that was Instantly Read.

[mind the spelling and grammar it was written as fast as the storm was]


Big Pearls said...

It was a strong storm..

Deema said...

yeah ! indeed ! but i put myself in a quite different state than usual :)

dalal Arch said...

I'm glad ur experiencing snow as well :))) our storm is expected to hit tomorrow.

Deema said...

dalal arch.

well then it is moving THAT fast :P

how enraged!

dalal Arch said...

lol I wish we could get a 10 min storm, that would be a shocker.

The Simper said...

i was inside and didn't feel it..

i went out and everything was a mess :/

Deema said...

Le Simper:

have you ever participated in an event without mess?!
it ends either with pleasure or violence, and aren't they the binary synonym of a mess?


Deema said...

Dalal Arch,

although it broken trees in the streets and it made a really great mess that after the silence i have mentioned, the noise of ambulances appeared! but kuwait needs shocking weather events for the sake of interest :)

Deema said...

i think if you are going to make a tourist campaign out of that it will certainly be all about the weather change.. seriously if we designed a tourists experience based on weather it will be really amazing!! - i suppose with all equipped :P

Someday said...

You had a storm in koko town!?!?:/
what was it?! sarrayat!?!?

Deema said...

in my ancient years i understood sarrayat as a very long period of falling rain, but what was there yesterday was let me phrase it right, tremendous 3afoor in 10 min:
4.thunder storm.
8.ambulances+police cars+ thunder sounds followed.

Anonymous said...

nice hand writting :P I was expectin I will be swimming soon as was scared at the same time :/

Deema said...


i think it is one of the rarest diaries i had with a -relatively consistent hand writing it is usually drastic nothing written in the same font :P

il7imdilla i built myself "a concrete house" :P

Aziza said...

You Are so talented are really something:)
God Bless you

Deema said...

oooh Azizaaa thank you :D

you made my day :)

Ellen said...

People should read this.

Deema said...


Thank you, I'm glad you read it :)