Saturday, 12 April 2008

Blossom Day

My lovely orchid, it blossoms once a year and i had it since '06.
Happy Blossom Day!


The Simper said...

nice pic.. and happy blossom day, week, and month ;)

Deema said...

Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Nice pic...

Enshallah all your days are happy :)

Purplecious said...

Niiiiice i loved it :)

Happy Blossom Day :*

Deema said...


thanks :) you too!


to you too :)

Big Pearls said...

Happy blossom day:)

Deema said...

Big Pearls:

to you too :D

i think this would spread around quite fast.. people like to name their days, i think if we only name them with nice names they will make nice life :P:P

:::ShoSho::: said...

Amazing picture.. and Orchids stay with me for 2 or 3 months and after the flowers fall, i throw the rest.. so does it blossom?!! I didn't know that!

Someday said...

how come your photos seems as if they were capturing a moment in the 80's?!

Deema said...


welcome here :)

well this is the secret, when you buy an orchid it usually come with the flower after some time all the flowers fall, when this happen, you should cut the stem, it should be sprayed every four days. and it should be in kind of moisturized place you can por some water in the pot plate .. and it should be near the window. and it can stay for long..

i had read that after a year or two i have to change the pot into a bigger one. i should consider that.


lol ok its because my camera is an SLR i suppose and i don't use a flash :)
and maybe there is something about character, madry :P

dalal Arch said...

Dema your house has an 80's character that's why.

Deema said...

dala arch:

so i thought at first, but i'm only showing a small corner that makes no reference of what my house seems to reflect..

dalal Arch said...

It doesn't have to be a visible physical elemnt in a picture that would reflect a certin feeling or in this case an entire decade.
it's the house in which you were raised. I'm sure some fragments or refrence of it will always be there in the frames you take

Deema said...

yeah i suppose so, it is not only this corner thaat is very important to me -even before the flower was placed- it is the window and what it seems to reflect in both sides..

G.E&B said...

you can keep orchids alive?!!!

I have a err beige thumb..i bring the desert to anything I touch (including silk flowers..i know...depressing!)

A "how to not kill your orchid within seconds of laying your eyes on it" post would be appreciated!

Deema said...


hathi ma yabeelha shay

1.thikray rabbich (3an ilna'9la :D)
2.Google (to know the how to)