Saturday, 26 April 2008


Today I got the last adventure of TINTIN, which remained unfinished therefore the story was organized in process-like theme as drawings manuscripts. AMAZING !

I have been collecting the adventures since I was a kid and he was like my idle! I always wanted to be just like him! I love him!
only 4 are missing from my collection:
-TINTIN in The Land of Soviet (1929-1930)
-TINTIN in The Congo (1930-1931)
-Destination Moon (1950-1953)
-Explorers on the Moon (1950-1954)


Someday said...

I love love love TinTin!!!
you reminded me of ancient days walla! I used to read my fav's more than once!:p

Deema said...


e walla ya someday.. athkir kint an6ir ma3ra'9 ilkitab mn sina laisina 3alashan ashtiree my allowed portion (2 copies only) in which i finish in one night!

i just don't know why isn't it a real character! :D
there gonna do a movie to be released next year WANASA..
i remember myself drawing him and snowy..*daydreaming*

i know myself and i know i never loved a character that much!

Anonymous said...

so you basicly had a crush on TinTin ?

Deema said...

Dalal Arch:

Exactly ..

Don't you think I might find a real Tintin in Paris? Should I look for him? or is he dead with his creator :(

you know back in schoolthe girls all are holding Candirella and Jasmeen bags .. and held Tintin's bag!
there was only one other girl holding a tintin bag in the whole school... and we soon became friends!

Anonymous said...


Deema said...