Monday, 28 April 2008

ever after

The way I reasoned my big decisions so far is by asking myself "can I bear doing it for the rest of my life?" .. the more I think of the thing as a permanent the more I tend to avoid and stay away. I love the occurrence of something new and all the life I am into is unsettled.. yet, I wonder how can I cope with everything happens around me..?

The world around you has its demands, although you choose an extremely alien skill to the idea of routine, you still cannot escape it when it comes to what society wants you to be. why people tend to alienate the different? is it hard to come up with a different way of living?

All are questions I came up with from one question that I've heard 1,000,000 times:
"what are you going to do after graduation?"


Big Pearls said...

it is very hard to make least for me.

Deema said...

BIG PEARLS! you're back :D

decisions are not easy for both who find difficulties and those who do not..

you might take it hard from the beginning they might have it hard at the end..

i can decide but for what i am going to do now.. or for the short time which measured in months not years.. that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Join the club Deema

Deema said...

Arch Dalal

eeeh alla yaster .. today i was reading the street i was driving on as a time line.. the side and middle mirror as the memory and front was what i am heading it is very interesting..

an interesting notice that kuwaiti drivers don't tend to look in the front glass.. :D
always involved in the "now" in the perpendicular motion..

Someday said...

D 7oby it is hard, but the thing is don’t considered it as a decision of life time! “this should reduce the pressure + it’s the truth! It aint!”
For me, I established first my objectives, what do I want from a job?
Spend time?
Make living?
Develop on my career?
I want it easy and relaxing?
Does the overall environment count?
What kind of people I’d be dealing with?
Look in to your self establish what do “you” want really, what you want the job to provide to you in daily life

Then, look around at your current available options,
Look at all of them, right them down, list their pro’s and cons, and make an evaluation! Make a space for your personal preference!
allah ywafgich enshallah, think about it as your “rizq” ow enshallah allah ysahil 3alych 7oby!:*

Deema said...


you're right setting a map can ensure clarity..

but one problem is there:
uncertainty is stimulating

and another thought to convey:
there are things you have to do for your whole life, they don't happen for all people.. but it happens and i always wanted to know how they manage to.. what state of mind they put themselves into??