Wednesday, 16 April 2008

One Day Experiment


During the day, many things happen to us in many levels, whether it is about the weather, work, games or relationships..etc. But we rarely tend to relate each to the other, and we always pass by things we no longer realize or pass by people we don't know even though we look at them or check their clothes. Many details but less care.


All senses


All the day's "things" from events to insignificant details.


1.Try to put them together as if someone wrote a film script for you to act, sensing that each detail is worth the sight of you and each wall worth the touch from you each person you pass by you relate to.
2.Try to find reason for whatever you pass by, even silly or ironic ones would do.
3.Try to relate the the unknown person you passed by with another event happened to you the same day, not in comparative manner but in sets of reasoning.


The whole experiment won't be valid if you reflect the happenings to affect you, you're not a part of what you see, what i mean is, look around you not in yourself, and relate things to each other not to your mood or feelings. It is a brain activity, once the heart enter you may not put things in control. The intention of this experiment is not to feel differently than think differently, which makes you feel good after doing it.


Someday said...

I do this but not through a set time frame, through a set mind frame, since you may miss some of those events if you designated a time for them, and you may look for them in time that they don't exist, to me when they happen, if feel humble and as if I'm fates tool
loved the way you put it all together:*

Deema said...

beloved someday,

i do it all the time in fact but i don't find people do this more often-and sometimes make fun of me, it is shown clearly that you do it through your posts and that's one of the things i like about you :D

but setting a day frame is to make the most of it .. it is a better period for exercising it, as well as the fact that a day has sensible number of events to link with ;)

i love the way you describe it :*