Tuesday, 11 March 2008


General Subject: Sustainability.

Take your copy from:

- The Department of Architecture-Khaldiyah 5Kh 1st floor-Kuwait University.
- Caribou Coffee
- Sultan Gallery
- Dar Alfunoon
- National Museum of Kuwiait
- Boushehri Photography Shop
- Bait Lothan
- Dar noor
- Iris Gallery
- Masafa Designers


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the info and WB :)

btw I love the theme you got in your display pic..

The Simper said...

ya it is a nice issue.. and when i saw the cover page i didn't think of what is it.. and when i went to the exhibit in raya, and saw one of the pics there, then i realized the cover pic. weird how changing/croping a pic/its colors would change the perception of the object.

Deema said...

thank you thank you

The Simper:
yeah, graphics makes possibilities infinite, and the frame of the image is a very critical matter.