Thursday, 20 March 2008

A Question

When you were a kid, what was your favorite game?


The Simper said...

the one and only atari

car race

i used to play with this a lot

wana sketch something?

another video game

and i dunno how i remebered this! :P

Deema said...

The Simper:

most of them were mechanical! don't you play with something simpler!
ok i played the car race but i enjoyed constructing the track more than sliding the car :D

Interior games:
-making spaces from hard pillows (house,racing track..etc)
-Drawing, and yeah i used to put the oil absorber paper "coz its transparent" on the drawings in the coloring books and trace them!

Exterior game:
-guwaary (bicycles)
-water guns!
-Hide and seek (o 7ay ilmeed)

(obviously not really hanging out with girls :P)

MUSTANG said...

1-BaRoOY(sharika .. or om w obo w 5adama w klmn ytahawsh 3ala door el 5adama cuz akthr sh'3l feeh;P W kan LAzm yseer esmee 7i9a 3ala my best friend w gdwetee theech el ayaam she was 7adha style bnsba lnaa w sh3arha 6weel w kilmn y7bha bil sKool hehe 9ij yahal;Pp
2-BaRbies & dolyat..kan 3ndna beet barbie w rylha w 3yalha w lee thaa3 el rayl la3abna b7sbt w7da mn el barbyaat w gaa9eena sha3arha boy ya3ne rayal;P..w kan 3ndee 5ema z'3eera plastic fiha frash w 7amam w ma6b5 w mwa3een w doleeteen wa7da ofcours esmha 79a<3la my friend that time w il thanya reem 3la my oldest sister cuz kanat kila t6l3na w t76lna makeup fakina wayd n7bha;P> so2al leeesh w e7na yahal el 7ilwa w ele t76 makeup tseer gdwatna??:P

Deema said...



ee baroy shrika (mn ilfarrasha lai ra2eesat ilsharika :P)

Barbieee, never been interested illa lamma rakkabt bait ha 7ag i5ty ;)

NINTENDO was a great hit 3ugub 9a5ar i really loved it.. wala lamma ybna ilmusaddas ily i6ig ilba6, ba3dain 6ab3an sega (mortal combat)

lol ana i hated make up in my childhood, but liked putting make up for my sis, kan m7azzir madry shlon kanat tistanis 3alaih!

Big Pearls said...

it's always hard for me to choose a favorite..maybe when I was in elementary school it was 7aila..ba3dain I turned into sega and that kind of stuff and there's also board games like monopoly!

Deema said...

Big Pearls:

i never played 7ayla at school!

we used to play 7ayla and also a game called "7arb" 7azzat iljazir lamma tro7 ilmaya nil3ab biljuzur ily ti6la3, it was fun coz t'3arriz ryoolna win6ee7 :P

i liked monopoly but there were always cheating! so i like it when i am the bank :D

I prefer "Cludo" coz of that :)

Hitman1 said...

Commodore 64

Anonymous said...

Atari, super mario, pacman, hide and seek, poking, riding motorcycle and car without telling anyone and without a license :)

Deema said...


if you're still interested,


pacman was discussed on lunch time everyone used to play it :)

video games were a hit on 80s everyone was leaning to them :)