Saturday, 27 June 2009

بلدي ٢٠٠٩

قد لا يحتاج مجلس الأمة إلى ناس متخصصين لأن السياسة ممارسة و تداول و تفاهم و تمثيل للشعب. و لكن المجلس البلدي يحتاج إلى ناس متخصصين في مجال العمران الحضري و هندسة الطرق و المجال الإسكاني و الإحصائي ليكون المجلس متكافئ ليكتمل مع ذلك المراد من البلدية. فإن كان أسلوب الناس في الانتقاء على فئات و أحزاب دينية أو سياسية أو فكرية أو عائلية أو مذهبية و التي تعكس حال المجتمع و الأمة، فالانتقاء بالنسبة للبلدي يجب أن يكون على حسب قرب مجال الشخص من غاية بلدية الكويت الأساسية

مع احترامي لكل من فاز، و لكني أظن وجوب وضع هذا الموضوع في عين الاعتبار


Dalal Arch said...

I was discussing this topic with my father the other day and we were thinking if there was a committee that approves the candidates according to their academic and professional records. but this idea seems undemocratic and so (Iranian political system) like. so the only way is setting a law that applies to all; but how can you really define who would be eligible and who wouldn't. collage degree , 5 years experience ?
but I do agree with you, it ought to be more of a proffessional majls rather than a political one.

Deema said...

Dalal Arch

well, I think democratic shouldn't be applied to the municipality candidates..

I mean it will be democratic in the sense that you can choose any person in these particular professions.. but not anyone can apply. so we can do a list of all relevant professions (or experience reference) to the aim and target of this majlis..

and I don't find experience in Kuwait regardless of the education is something of a good value.. what is 5 years experience in our government?

The Simper said...

is there anything in the constitution that requires the election of the majlis baladi? i don't think so.. it is just a law.. then: cancel the election of the majlis baldi, and have a civil council or higher council of urban planning and things SHOULD/OUGHT to be better.. malleeena kila intikhabat!! jam3iya intikhabat baladi intikhabat.. midaris o yahaloh intikhabat.. jam3a intikhabat.. dam el nas still mayadroon shino ya3ni intikhabat.. no need to have them everywhere!

thanawiya 3amma is to plan urbanisim?!?!?! o egoloon el showari3 za7ma!

Deema said...

The Simper

walla inta sa7! things are ironically not balanced because of intikhaabat..

the problem is that they don't understand that by electing qualified council will make the share fair.. for an intellectual study of the urban problems would lead to the welfare of the whole society.

mohd said...

LOL once one of the "high school degree" winners came to our diwaniya and i actually like him he's honest and he even called an INSIDER and made us listen to insider details on speaker, we all shut up not making a sound so that...wait maybe it's all planned?

Deema said...



I wish insiders do something! :D

we should do a meeting with those insiders :)))