Saturday, 27 June 2009

memory, memorize, and remember

Memory is a collection of data transformed from experiences of sense. It can be evaluated and rearranged to produce new facts or realizations.

To Memorize is to intentionally select a certain data to be learned for a future use or for a great attachment either emotional or intellectual, Thus memorizing is concerning 'now', the immediate need to absorb and the solid decision to take a certain data into the layers of memory.

To remember is dependent on personal priorities and immediate experiences, therefore it produces dialogues between the memory and 'now' and that's why people talk to themselves.. According to what said, there is a very nicely knitted fabric in the mind that involves holistic matter of a person with a sequential history, and a dialogue produced by a person's diversion to form the dual.

Now comes the question of forgetting. I think the opposite meaning of "to memorize" within this sense is "to ignore". And because there is no complete ignorance with the presence of sense, there is no complete forgetting even though there can be full memorizing of a certain happening. Forgetting thus is synonymous to doubts and fragments because there is only "less" -not absence- in the presence of sense to the ignored event. The question here is how can we aspire knowledge (or realization) out of the forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Interest is what makes a certain issue(s) worthy to remember, whether the brain does that intentionally or not. And it should be interest that motivates us to remember, memorization should never be enforced (by teachers, syllabuses, parents, etc). Immediate critical thinking should be enforced though, or encouraged at least.

Interesting field that would easily diverge into many many fields, especially education.

Deema said...


I agree that critical thinking should be more encouraged, but also memorizing is an existing and an operating method of showing interest too..

however we should understand why we as humans have this urge to memorize, and where exactly should it fall under_either in education or in any other field

memorizing, implies interest, repetition and periodical revision.. maybe if we neglect memorizing as an intentional act.. we might find ourselves memorize things due to certain obsessions

thanks for passing by interesting comment :)

على نفسها جنت براقش said...

بعلق بالعربى
تدرين ثقافتى ماليزيه

نعمه من الله ان نقدر نذكر و نحفظ

ونعمه اكبر النسيان

لكن بعموم الحال نحب نتذكر الامور اللى تسعدنا