Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Dear www,

The following are some modifications I did to my blog to make it more practical:

- I used to place cultural events on the side bar, but now I placed a button that directs you to GOOGLE CALENDAR where I am recently placing the events, you can view it or add it to your calendar.

- PLACES is the way I categorize my topics, each topic has only one Label based on the most vivid quality of a certain topic.

- The first two listings under PLACES are concerning LANGUAGE. If you are not bilingual, you can choose which language you speak, and you will get all topics under either Arabic or English category.

- I removed the list of links for I find it very distracting and only kept LINK OF THE DAY because it is more hyper.

That's what I did so far, if you have any suggestions please do share them :)

Beautiful Day,

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