Monday, 15 June 2009

Hashima فاقدة الحشيمة

My boss is planning to visit an island in Japan called Hashima. Hashima was famous for coal mining which was the source of life for its occupants. It was fully developed, but when petroleum had been discovered the work in the coal mine declined. The mine was officially closed soon after, and people left the island in search for other jobs.

An economic fluidity comes to mind in different scales between Kuwait and Japan. on a smaller scale, natural pearls of Kuwait been replaced by planted pearls of Japan, while in a larger scale it is that coal of Japan been replaced by petroleum of Kuwait.

What is more important however is that Hashima now stands as a pure symbol of one-source nations; one well. And it shows -in an ironic clarity- the reason, the reaction and the end.


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Safeed said...

Sad reality
Painful fact ... etc.
we still can't stand reality !!