Thursday, 27 December 2007

Beautiful Day !

عوض دوخي
أغدا ألقاك

أنا لحبيبي-لا تسألوني ما اسمه حبيبي


Bernard Tschumi, Architecture and Disjunction


EarthQuaker said...

hello, 9arly fatra ma sayart 3laich gelna enshoof akher elqe9a9 bas el`9aher e3tezaltay :r
oo wain beautiful day! allah ysam7ech bas, ana metyamed men kether elbard asoog elsayara bel gha9eb lol change the subject to "freezing day" :=P o etha 3endech qe9a 3an elbard ba3ad la tebkhleen 3laina

Deema said...


9abba7k alla bil'7air!

ana nawya aktib qi9a 3an ilbard bas halayam ga3da "agra" qi9a9 3an ilbard instead :)

alla e3afy il hot drinks ily ma ti7la illa blishtaa .. kilshay yi7la :D

bs you should smile to the day o 9abbi7 3ala ilnas w kilshay y9eer 7iloo :)

Someday said...

Ana 9arly fatrah looking for a book to read! Ma 3endich suggstions?!?!!? That I can find in Kuwait?!?!?
And Dank ist alles für Sie

Deema said...


yi3timid tabben english or arabic?

Someday said...

English please!

Deema said...

w e l l

that's a bit hard because i don't know what's your style of books..

hmmmm ok i will do this my next post: a book review
(as i literally live in a library)


i will tell you what i like and why and recommend books to you based on what i understand from your character, coz i guess you have different interests than i do ;)

Someday said...

Thaaaaaaaaank Youuu :D

ma ra7 agoolich what I like!!! let's see what do you think I like first ;)

Deema said...

5osh :D

The Simper said...

ur book is unclickable. make it click ;)

Dalal Arch said...

Give me some credit for the book for God's sake :P

Purplecious said...

أغدا ألقاك

بس شنو حلاااااااو



أنا لحبيبي- منوووووو حبيبج؟؟؟؟؟؟



أنا قاعده أقرا ذاكرة الجسد



قولي آمييييييييييييين

يعل أيامج كلها حلوه يا دمدوووووووم

Deema said...

The Simper:

with a look inside ba3ad :)

Arch. Dalal
[I borrowed the book from Dalal]

and in fact most of the books around me these da.... months are from you :)

so it kinda fall into the common sense ;)
thank you dallola

i will give you your books and all the books i have... with a VIP access to our library :P

Deema said...


alla esalmich hal'3adan matadreen mita e9eer ;)

i love um kalthoom's version more in fact, bas ilmaq6a3 illy '3annah 3awa'9 dookhy akthar wa7id a7ibba

"hathihi ildunya.."
the next song is answering you

ترونه في أدمع الشتاء حين يبكي
و في عطاء الديمة السكوب
محاسن ما ضمها كتاب
و لا ادعتها ريشة الأديب

Dalal Arch said...

I only need the MAP :P u can keep the scaned digital file ;)

Deema said...

looool you should know that it is not the only map!

dalal junior got a good scan for it

and i don't think their will be any use of it anyway

dalal, you should check mabna ilbaladiya illy 3ugub ma ta3bureen 7adir shari3 fhd ilsalim mn sa7at il9ufat....

it shows all the development of "modern Kuwait" maps manually ...

waddatna thak ilyom Evileen Ali

as you can see "information" in our library does not necessarily come in books ;)