Thursday, 20 December 2007

A University Without Charges!

Kuwait University has a reward for the rare academic studies such as mechanical engineering and medicine to encourage students to assign in them. In 1997 the department of architecture was established. it has very limited spaces and facilities compared to what is required but it functioned after all, and to compensate with the departments shortage of needed supplies. the university committee offered 300 KD per season for each student to manage his/her financial issues. 
100 KD is another financial offer by the university as a  social support, which the students can take according to an application they fill about their personal status.
However, since last year, there was a lot of moving forces "appeared to be" driven from the students association towards offering the 100 KD to everybody, and -if I'm not mistaken- followed the civil denied demand from the government to cover all their loans. 
and just recently, we heard of a new slogan: "A university without charges!". every student now goes home with good income compared to the effort of studying, and no thought whatsoever about how many more important things we need as students for a better flow to achieve what we plan to do. the biggest achievement in Khaldiya (the engineering campus) for example is a new fence around the university to stay secure from any student in holidays. another achievement is erecting a new expansion floor to allow more space -i think- to the department of architecture, which is something i really do appreciate. yet it is a very slow process compared to the fence and the financial offers to the students, which was fast enough to exceed ,also, the time was taken to convince the university in offering the department of architecture financial support due to the vast amount of money we pay from the students pocket money because of the lack of enough workshops and materials in which they made us collect all our payment bills and give to them as if we ask for charity.
i understand that just giving us money is a faster solution to make us satisfied, but we are not responsible to make the university a better place when the money is transferred to our accounts. besides it won't take a lot of effort to make it so by the enormous number of employees enjoying their buffets or checking their emails in their time of work. 


Anonymous said...

When did they start with this slogan?

Deema said...

a month ago i can place the orange 100x70cm poster which was distributed all over the university.

This Lady said...

I agree.. Giving students money is not as important as expanding their majors and education.

The Simper said...

i can only say this little about the university.. i get tired from the way they manage it!!

"when the inept manages, hell flourishes."

The Simper said...

sorry.. but one thing to correct things.. is to go to the US.. COPY PASTE from any damn college there.. VIOLA!

The Simper said...

spelling: Voilà

Deema said...

This Lady:

Decision making in Kuwait is something i can't figure out. and i seriously don't know who to blame.

so i have no problem letting some paople get the major financial benifit, but the ones who decided to get it should offer a reasonable satisfying service.

i wish the government can move their "one way money" in a good economic manner, but they should take the responsibility to get us the best service, then shi'3il 7ukooma will not be the known sh'3il 7ukooma!

on another level, there should be a concern regarding to the university reputation!

thank you for passing by :)

Deema said...

The Simper

yeah hehe :D, you know the best thing about our department is that it is evaluated by NAAB every two years... not yet enough!


happens what happens when the inept leads the inexperienced :s

gool WALLA wiftak :P

Reem said...

heeey deemz :**

it really pathetic! they're spoiling the youth here! what the hell?!!

it's not enough that addmition is for free, they also give u money to study! that's just stupid!

i'm with the uni giving money to those who derserve it, who work hard n get high GPAs and also for those who actually attend.

i say spend the money on MORE scholarships! and better education! better classrooms n bathrooms!!!!

the system sucks!!

miss u deemz!
see ya soon inshallah, love u :**

Deema said...


Hellooo dearest :)

from making a very simple list of priorities from only the comments in this post, we can trace issues WAY important than those i read in NUKS msgs or hear about in college.

-less money on useless publications
-expanding majors
-management criteria and organizational structure
-good service and student facilities
-international presence
-more scholarships
-better education (better evaluation and competition over the prof.)