Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I realized that while I was walking to my class where I had a presentation for thesis, it was possible for me to find it coz it was just fallen, but I had to get prepared as well for some missing points that I had to add until my turn will come. I decided to let go searching for my brooch and just get my work done. although it was a gift from a very dear friend.

I attended, and heard all the presentations but couldn't involve in any discussion, for i was sooverly  occupied. UNTIL the presentation that comes before mine had finished, when our Doctor stood up and told us that we can have the next four students for the next class.

-Numerical: zero
-Literal: empty handed

[I've traced my path from my car to the department of architecture, with no result]

I will search one more time when the college is quiet_and hopefully (...)


Someday said...

enshallah you'll find it! say allahoma aged ley '9allatey

Deema said...

ameen (...)

thank you for support ...

The Simper said...

maybe it needed ejaza :P

Deema said...

my targeted ejaza is an ejaza to build ;)

on the other term to it: you're right, i wanna fly a kite (...)


The Simper said...

not u.. the pin/brooch :P

Dalal Arch said...

demoh u LOST IT !!!

Deema said...


sniff sniff yeah i lost it, it was the worst day yesterday..

i will check with the amn w salama chood....... i am really feelin bad (...)

Dalal Arch said...

Fedwa :) The next time i'm in Portobello market i'll get u a better one

Deema said...

ba3ad 3umry walla .. 3asa ma7din yafgid '3ali inshallah..

ooo ehm it's still an excuse to go back there ;)
still fragile though you have to add some more make up excuses ;)