Tuesday, 25 December 2007


December 2007

Years are nicely put
Number after number
I can’t recall any mess in count
Today I missed a meeting
But the following year is a common sense
I forgot to set my alarm
Which day is it?
What time is it over there?
It’s 9:45 over here!
But the following number
Orderly follows
Until next year

ديسمبر ٢٠٠٧

سنة الألحان المتداخلة 
و الأسماء
تراكمت عوالمي 
و أدركت معنى المكان
و كيف أنه يفوق الزمان
في أحيان

سفينة نوح أخبريني
و كيف أغويت الطبيعة؟
عنك لما استهويت الطوفان
عن الشطآن تشرب البحر 
في ذل مرسى
آملة بلذيذ الذل الذي لا ينسى
أيا طوفان ما أنت أرديت البيادي زائرا
والرمل لم يشرب مالحا عطشا
في الكون دوما ما يلي
و بعدها حتما يختفي


Anonymous said...

I guess winter effect :P

The Simper said...

time is the time
years can't fight the time

time makes them years
where yars at stand and keep counting the time

time brings life's FINEs
and the year stand still till time whine

for those times that made a year
dives time and then remebered one year

** words by someone who doesn't understand poetry ;)

Deema said...

..::fast lane::..
it defenetly is :D

To the poet who doesn't understand poetry:

you literally 'replied' :)

Someday said...

It’s a sum of sequential events, and it’s the only container for them, once the moment pass then it has no place in life!

Deema said...

in the early designs studio, we tend to hang all the conceptual drawings we do beside each other to see how each student conveyed his message in an understandable manner, and if the student understood what is the most important feature in his/her design.

in the later design studios, we usually hang the stuff we made before with the late drawings, in order to perceive a pattern usually traced in years time line :)

it's just a thought i remember when i saw your comment :)

i think that i am over aware of my life that makes every detail is quite a an issue.. yet in a ....

(to be continued.....

Deema said...

what was i saying??

..oh mmm ok it is yet i don't perceive those details in a critical manner but rather appreciation manner. which means if i look back to my daysi don't recall them in an emotional way, but rather cnceptual and enjoying how they flow upon each other regrdless the event being good or bad..then it always end up stimulating to me :)

Danke schön Someday!

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