Friday, 14 December 2007

A Vision for Parametric Design, by Kevin Rotheroe


Hitman1 said...

I'm no architect, but we, chemical engineers, can relate to this type of modeling softwares. We have softwares that model chemical plants very efficiently that helps design plants much faster than the old days and come up with better designs too.

You artists and architects will someday loose your artistic touch because of these softwares :)

Deema said...


yeah to certain extent it is related, but it is the need to make it profitable in your case, so finding a new design that matches all your strict requirements is very hard.
yet -reading about chemical plant- it is the pilot plant design that is going to be scaled up to apply the intended design is kinda related to our methods of cnstruction (well this method applied everywhere) but it is in architecture can be the relationship between the ornaments (details) to the urban scale -as an example-

:) and about the loosing the "touch" well maybe this will lead to an intellegent era where the humanistic "touch" will be excluded, and then we will only sense and feel through our memory :D

anyhow architecture -away from art- is dealing with logic(reason) and structure, and conception is where the culture or community interweave the process of design. it will only relate to art if we only offered the "picturesque" to people which we call it in our school "mikyaj" which is a comment we would like to avoid for the authntisity of the work and to value reason.

architecture is always for the community, art is for the individual it can only reach the level of community when it is transferred into "heritage".