Wednesday, 19 December 2007



The Simper said...

el fara7 lath o 6aaaab :)

kil 3am wintay b khair inshala :)

Deema said...

The Simper:


winta b'7aair

7asafa 3ala yom ilba77ar walla 7marhom kan msawwy sh'3il :P

Anonymous said...

3eedch embarek

Deema said...

..::fast lane::..

3asak mn 3ayda :D

Someday said...

D ma adrey lysh el 3yed 3endy ayam awal kan way much more 3yed! Maybe cause we grow up and there is no al3ab for us any more!! ;)
3yedich mbarak :) and hope you have a great holiday ;)

Deema said...


yeah we don't end up our eid with sticky faces from cotton candy, nor an afternoon visit to na7nu wal a6fal :)

i continued working yom il3eed in fact..

we tend to plan our time of treat now..

yalla kil shay bajra ;)

HAPPY 3EED bs i am really wanting to get yom ilba7ar days back :)