Friday, 7 December 2007

Dedicated to arch.Dalal Senior

[Dec. 2007]

a typical unusual confession
by the room i never entered
nor wanted to
in a place i would rather be forced to go
and unfortunately, i got a choice
words play smart around silence
disturbed reactions
spontaneous acts
loosing the nomadic soul
'why' is now taking over 'what'
the beauty of questioning
  is hard to find sense
  is hard to live with
simply asked, wasn't it?
but that i saw the shadows on the ground
and saw the dust after rain
  i saw the hatred of matter
  i saw theories controlling the private layers of me
  i saw my layers becoming private to avoid the controlling theories
and i simply asked:
why should we live with each other?


The Simper said...

any title on those words?

Deema said...

usually words come without a title at first.
do you want me to stick a title?

_so any comment on those words??

The Simper said...

comments? hmmm till i understand.. i might.. those are the words that stand out:

reactions n acts

words i got out from the lines.. tried to understand.. but hmm... i thought maybe the title would unsolve the mystery ;)

Deema said...

wouldn't that be more interesting, unfolding it is just boring.

besides there is no mystery at all, it is confusing at first, but the second half is obvious.

once we start to choose words, and try to solve a puzzle, it is then our own interpretation trying to take over :)

so it is easy to comment since it all yours, you never meant to do it right ;)

Dalal Arch said...

U made my day
Thank you deema

Deema said...

Your welcome

i don't know, but while writing it, i was calling out all the times we were discussing the means of life together, with alot of uncertainty though :)

Dalal Arch said...

Yeah :) Thanks for documenting our thoughts

Someday said...

Theories, when will be ever be free of those theories and start living who we are..

Deema said...

Dalal Arch

My Pleasure Mademoiselle Dalal ;)


today one of my friends called me to ask about "mental boundaries" as a scientific research, by understanding the word,i answered her enough about it without further knowledge on it as a term, because it is very much controlling our life..

we need it in fact, but sometime you really want to have a break!

Raven said...

'why' is now taking over 'what'

ahhhh... now thats what I call painting the words picasso style xD

I love it!

Poetic transitions and a visual transformation of mental states... I can almost see it with my own eyes...

B e a u t i f u l =')

Deema said...



well i am a bit cautious using Picasso .... this line in my poem describes a bit of hesitation, and picasso never hesitates,

maybe you saw picasso, because of the feminine input.. :)