Saturday, 29 December 2007

Book Recommendations

Dalal Arch:
Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software

The Simper:
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Little Nemo 1905-1914

جروح الذاكرة-تركي الحمد

Identity: A Novel


The Simper said...

cool recomendation for me ;) since i am way off the non-fiction radar.. i will try my best to check ur recomendation and also maybe i will try to find it in an audio book format ;)

now i will pass you an "as-close-as-i-can-get" from fiction recomendation:

"Skyscraper: The Making of a Building"


Someday said...

I didn’t accept that I can read it online! That’s so awesome! But I think I’ll print it :-P old fashion!!??!!!

Deema said...

The Simper:

I don't recommend an audio book format for this book in partcular

(WAY MORE INTERESTING read with the natural human eyes)

this books seems really interesting (the one recommended) i should read it!

tara not all the pages are there so you better either find a downloaded book or simply buy it ;)

The Simper said...

ops.. here is the link:

Deema said...

The Simper,

it's ok i opened it at amazon :)

thanks anyways, have a nice day :)

Dalal Arch said...

Just added to my Amazon cart :)

Deema said...

Dalal Arch

Kafu ;)

Purplecious said...

Thanx Deemaaaaa :**

I already read it :D

I'm reading now ذاكرة الجسد

waiting list:

عرائس الصوف- ميس العثمان

كويتي من كوكب آخر - خالد النصر الله


Deema said...


i'm not an expert of recent arabic literature, ya3ny agoolich tawfeeq il7akeem, anees man9oor (old schools)