Friday, 16 May 2008

bnaid al-qar


MUSTANG said...

il n5ala matshoof shrrr;p
bs leesh el beet killa skrab..faj2a garmeed a7ar kash5 foog?!
ohwa adre enna el 9ooora mo tarkeeb bs chnha tarkeeb;p 7adDHa 3jeeBa;D

Deema said...


ilqarmeed mal il3imara illy wara ilbait.. o ana mit2akda ina ilbait ma kan chithee awal ma nbana :D

the.thinker said...

a7laa shi el n'7ala ely bws9 el7oosh :)

tslm eydch =)

Deema said...

The thinker:

walla lin5ala added alot of reason for what i am doing in design :D

The Simper said...

el baraka feekom to push for a passing of law for "VISUAL CONTAMINATION or NOISE"

one major issue of universities in he world (in the advanced worlds i mean) is to push for answers and problem solving and research for current and prospective problems. we need to see this issue advancing in kuwait. especially for architecture and most importanlty for urban design (since our urban planners and zooners are secondary school level wishing to go for the next majlis!!)


merci pour toi

Deema said...

The Simper:

usually design graduation class is made with a very fixed schedule and standardized requirements to come up and get through all the stages of design and fill all the technical knowledge you got..

but this year there is an orientation for conception of thesis as a content that really solves a problem..
there was an encouragement for finding a consistent thought or intrigue for the student to investigate and search, which doesn't require all the standard submissions (plans sections elevations) rather than a clear study for architecture implemented in the social field.

thank you inshallah we can!

o la ya simper .. inta bas lo 7a'9ir pp lecture about the Kuwait Master plan.. aw at least zirt someone from the 5th floor ......... you would make the AH longerrrr

look the majlis is a problem for real estate... "bs" ilbaladiyah (or dictatorship) illy CAN recover that... mita?
well i finally find baladiyah visible but yet tara all those deeds are only surface so, i wish for more depth in there solutions.