Wednesday, 14 May 2008


For those who asked me about my work, and those who want to have a look at my screen right now.


Anonymous said...

someone has a mac book :P

btw your work looks creative..Good Luck

Deema said...

yeah thaaaats mee :)

thank you for the compliment alla kareem inshallah :)

dalal arch said...

looks dazzling deema :))) dont lose your momentum.

Deema said...

Dalal Arch:

DALAL that is "specially from you" really encouraging :D


al7een bas ga3da a7aty ilmodel inshalla i can finish up the rendering till monday so i can start with the model..

dalal arch said...

I know this is coming out from the wrong person, but ask for help when you're doing some of the systmatic things. its a great comfort to know you have a great support system.

Deema said...

what do you mean by systematic things? .. if you mean something that doesn't include design... or like production /render things... well today i got a miraculous call to offer me help!

thank god!

dalal arch said...

Well some trips to Jarir or shwaikh to get supplies could be done by others. some model pices specially in the site model could be assigned to good friends :)