Friday, 23 May 2008


Inside my bubble:

1-Write a book-portfolio about my study years.
[needed for all applications]

2- Apply on Kuwait Fund (الصندوق الكويتي للتنمية).
[valid for 2 years after graduating]

3-Apply to The Kuwait Municipality.
[needs great strength]

4-Target architectural workshops.
[not a job]

5-Establish a new study on architecture.
[but i won't do it for a professional degree]

6-Target idea or design competitions.
[either theoretical or humanitarian]

7-Join in building for low income communities around the world.
[risky but it is one of my highest dreams]

8-Hold on a private sector consultant.
[yeah..mmm.. experience.... yet static]

Note that any of these won't happen for all my life, what I've written is the most prior suggestions as a start. Sometimes i wish for something that can make me interested in all my life, i don't know what it might be.

Is there any suggestions or comments? please have your say.


Anonymous said...

Can't you think of any Non-Architectural Wish!?

The Simper said...

following ur blog for sometime now.. i guess u are a person whom ideas follow.. and not a person who follow ideas.. u just do what ever u will do.. and u will be great later on :)

some of the great people and thnkers in the world.. didn't know what to do at the time of their graduation.. they might have dreams.. and they should.. but just have those small steps and u will see what makes u be great in few years..

im sure..

Deema said...


i call the "non-architectural" wishes chances which come entirely by them selves, i don't start chances they only come with their whole realm..

my fields are:


from second year student our professor told us, choosing architecture as a profession is choosing a life time experience. and i think she is right..

The Simper:

well .. i think you are right about doing whatever i will do.. the problem is i don't do management..

the only thing i know about myself is that i wanna build! i repeated already many times.. i wish to be a master builder like that who worked entirely on site.. bs again this is still a big question to me.

eventually i am a now person who is exercising thinking of the future right now to sense the transitional value i am in ... 20 days before graduating!

i think i will generalize chances to all aspects i suppose

Someday said...

:) apply to them all!
then as you go through the process, visit the working place meeting the people, then you’ll get the real feeling, what you can’t read in papers or see in photos, that will help you decided, Allah ywafgich enshallah 7abyby :**

Big Pearls said...

mashalla...nice to aim for something.

Deema said...

i was so involved with people who went to the kuwait fund step by step

i visited (GREAT TIME) Kuwait municipality and i have friends already

i went to a workshop before

competition did it once or twice

i worked in a private sector in training course :)

the only think i didn't try is number 7

:D they don't really exist on paper to me :S that's the problem

Deema said...

big pearls

thank you :*
3ad chan zain 3ala sana3
no direction no estimation no expectations :D