Saturday, 10 May 2008


طروب - يا ستي يا ختيارة

today was really a great day.. i spent sometime with family (photographing them in their daily positions) and then had lunch with my best friend (M) at the avenues (its been a while since i had a simple day).. at night we got into arranging the pangea day event at home .. i put up a projector and we all had a nice evening :)
the singer's memory is shared between me and my friend as we always listen to her in our hangouts, thought of sharing it with you :)

not really tagged but I got it from big pearls :)

Gouda, ricotta

rings (the purple one)

watercress Salad

Food: Ginger, Ashas, Italo's & Wasabi
Memory: Chilies, Joney rockets

Beijen duck (slider station)
Chilly size with relish (Joney Rockets)

main targets:
-Sultan center
-Ace hardware store

all movie channels

-after eight
-aztek (spicy chocolate I'd tried in the US)
-Godeva cherry

Pineapple & Grapes


Men: Awadh Dokhy, Abdulhaleem, Mark Knopfler
Women: Um Kalthoum, Fairooz, Dido

Mary and Sandwich


14-Hair color?
Black & Gray


TED talks, not regularly watch programs so it depends on the time i open the TV

Stella McCartney (the old one) - Cambodian Incense

Visited: Italy-Oman
Not Visited: India-Nepal-France-Yemen (flexible)

I tag Purplecious


Purplecious said...

اشمعنى يعني؟؟

يعني اشمعنى؟؟

بس انا تاق


آخر مره ديووووم


Deema said...

yallaaa purple hatha mn ilma3azza walla ;)

SolaimaN said...

استمتعت في مرافقتكم بالافينيوز

اما التاق ،، خلاني اتعرف على بعض من ديما
بس ،، موهذي السالفه ،،ابي احط هالاغنيه رنه ،،شلوووووون ؟


Deema said...


تروالي كل الكويت كانت مناك :)
اما عن الغنية فمادري :)
بس اقدر اقولك من وين تحصل غناويها

تعرف رومكو اللي بحولي جدام المهلب
يا تلاقي برومكو او بالمحلات الي بنفس السطرة


Purplecious said...

أنا حليت الواجب


Big Pearls said...

is ginger really good? I heard it is healthy.

Deema said...

Big Pearls ee walla 3ajeeb o all those i invited to it liked it as well (and believe me they are all 3asreen foodwise) :D

check this out:

Anonymous said...

i checked out ted talks because of ur links and i love it!

sometimes when i work i put it in the background instead of music.. except sa3at andimij too much wiyahom :p

Deema said...

yeah i always watch it while having breakfast.. its great!

glad you like it and thanks for passing by :)

Hitman1 said...

Awadh Dokhy?? Awadh Dokhy?? Awadh Dokhy??!?!?!?!

Deema said...


ma yloog ? walla ma ya3kibik 9ota ??
in both cases i object :D

ya7ilwa laa '3anna "ya 7abeeby".. :-)

Someday said...

:D 3alich bel3afyah!
very happy for you walla 7oby! do have some "me time" once in a while, you sure deserve it!!;)

Deema said...


Miss Red,

7abeebty mashkoora :*

the only thing i am doing now is working and daydreaming of the summer (therefore chalet)

MUSTANG said...

el '3nya 7ilwa bs atharat fene:( el raga9een elli labseen a7mr thakaroony eb ayam 6foolty bil fan el sha3be kinna msaween fagrt rag9a w labseen a7mr nfs hom w kanat el fagra bimonasabt raj3t baba sa3ad alla yr7ma mn el 3ilaaj w kan ohwa mn been el 7thoor < bil sa6ra el oola >,w kanat le'3nya elli rg9na 3aleeha tgool: salamat ya bo fahad salamat shr w '3ada w bt3d ..salamat:( alla yr7mk w y'3amt roo7k el yanna enshalla:( kafeet w wafeet ya obona..

Deema said...


alla yir7ima