Tuesday, 20 May 2008


What do you do in a lecture?


Anonymous said...

It's just a wild guess :P
Proffesional practice ??

Deema said...

Dalal arch:

i think it is rather a common guess ;)

yes :D
my last subject!

Big Pearls said...

you sleep.

Someday said...

I plan :)

MUSTANG said...

afakiR shnO il '3ada il yoOM:p
..shno basawe bil break?
..WeeN baRo7 2day w Ma3A mnoO?
mno ga3d ydg 3aly wana 7a6ta silent w shyaby;P i think kil shay illa ench tsm3een el insan elli ga3d yshr7 jbalch:S

SolaimaN said...


5 min. break,, i think is much better

yuh,, why don't u just smoke out


[F] r a g i l e said...

Catch up with my Social life - Txting Hour =p.

Deema said...

big pearls:

sleeping ... walla hathy marrat 3aley wayed .. o wayed nas ildr ga33adhom :D we work all night and thats a common result :P :P


planning is the best illusion of paying attention :)
you're deplomatic :P


sa3at as2al ildr bs 3alashan shwaya arakiz... sa3at asra7 bil9owar ily y7i6hom ildr...


ee that's a classic ;)

bs without smoke (...)

sometimes we have some buscuit wa3alayya... ilmu7a'9ara mn 2-3 :(

welcome to my blog :)

the texting in my case e9eer bain 6alabat liclass wilmushkila kil shay waaa'9i7 wala fashla :P:P

il'3areeba inna the only lecturers who can grap your attention all the way to the end are the people who teach you how to lecture, how to deal with people o chithee... bas it doesn't transfer to people who lecture on something else which is more important for us to be attentive in!

in classes that i will never find any benefit in hearing (for what the lecturer is simply reading what i will eventually study for the exam.. i will draw and ask questions just to show catching up :P or change the rhythm :D

eshda3wa said...

i never attend

Deema said...


ok that shoud be for a critical reason for me :s


we go to school on weekends so attending a lecture comes by default :)

thanks for passing by