Monday, 5 May 2008


Today my pinup went just fine for the first time -thank god- now I should concentrate on the presentation with confidence :D
Saying of the day: feel ready and you'll be it!


Big Pearls said...

who are the adorable cuties?:)

Deema said...

Big Pearls:

they're my neices :D
those who have the patience to listen to my freaky stories :)

Purplecious said...

waaaaaaay esmellah 3alehom zooqaaaaaa :***

OMG Deema i have a pic for me and my sis COPY min hal pic!! nafs el style o nfs el pause o nfs el location (bel 7osh) o same dress style!

ambeeeeeeh eltareekh y3eeed nafsaa!

Deema said...

loool i must see it then :D

Someday said...

NO WAY that's a new pic!!!
from where did they get those shoes?!?!?!
D < sha6rah!!;)

Deema said...


shiftay shlon ;) walla i must say that this is old now for my grandma's house is knocked down, hatha a5ir 3eed kan minnak :(

amma 3an their costumes that is turned to their mother -my sis- she has a passion for classic looks_ or very different designs :)

7a'9reen ;)