Tuesday, 13 May 2008


18 May 2008
7:00 pm

Lamella - Exploring the Layers of Computer Based Matter & Making,
is a

two fold event presenting the work of Small Architecture, starting with a lecture on the 18th of May at Kuwait University, Department of Architecture, which is followed by an exhibition at the Dar Al-Funoon Gallery (Date to be confirmed).

[Please note that the lecture at KU will take place as scheduled but due to unforeseen circumstances the exhibition at Dar Al-Funoon has been postponed until further notice.]

About the Event:

Both the talk and exhibit aim to present and explore the technologies, materials, even idiosyncrasies, that transpire when physical thing are conceived directly through digital processes. What distinguishes the work shown from much of the other current computing based architectural design and exhibitions, is that all the pieces shown are at full scale and are all the conclusive and final entity, which (even though occasionally still a part of an evolving process) aren't there as mere representations of something to be realized at a future date and place. Pictures of, or renderings depicting, designs are kept to a minimum, if not avoided completely in the exhibit...

The designs aim to reflect a more tacit and sensorial interest in things conceived and directly realized through the various computing dependent means, and aspire to do so in a manner that uses the particulars and peculiars of such fabrication processes (the burnishing marks of the laser-cutting process; the 'stair-stepping' grain of the various additive, Rapid Manufacturing, methods) as intrinsic ingredients of the eventual completed end product.


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