Thursday, 1 May 2008

A Death-Defying House (!)



The Simper said...


architecture IIISSSSSSS phylosophy!

and this home is A phylosophy.

im wondering how would someone live in it if they wear dishdasha o ghitra OR suit! it needs a fun person who loves excersies all the time.

i think having a room or 2 (maybe the whole basement) in ourhomes like this is a great idea. would makes us do what we don't do all the time. REALLY MOVE AROUND!

nice post :)

Deema said...

i think it will be interesting to let a guy who's very strict in attitude to let him live here, coz this is the way you can watch him change/adapt to the space around..

i think if i have basement that is like that .. i won't go upstairs.. so why bother doing ugly rooms.

Someday said...

this house requires the joy of kids!
deema 7oby, is it possible, in your professional opinion, to build a glass playground, how can I a3aber, a green room, a covered garden for kids to play in kuwait?! with a cool temperature, fresh green and also allows for sun?! or am I pushing it too far!?!?

Deema said...


ofcourse you can. but as you see the green house (if you ever entered one) is always damp because of a concentration of heat and moisture. so if it both needs a large space (high ceiling or spaces of relief that circulate air for humans) the other thing is you will never do a clear glass like those they do in UK .. it needs a good treatment for glass because our weather is upnormal- and this will do a great deal of floos (ilglass wayed '3aly) otherwise anything can be possible :)

they are doing an inner center for kids in the green belt (shiftee illy yam ilnafoora ilraqi9a) inshalla it is a good thing i never visited it during the construction to judge.

SolaimaN said...


I'm n love with this kinds of sensibility

here ,, exactly where i hope to live

we could even think better,,, right?

instead keep saying (i), (i) and(i),we use (WE)

Deema said...


exactly ! we can think and feel better..

many things in my home that i don't find important neither teaching any much of thoughts :)..
but usually a house is a formation of memory .. so i wonder how this house would look like after ten years of occupation..