Sunday, 25 May 2008

frequencies of a sigh


Anonymous said...

I was just talking to K last week and telling her this line !! hwayaty 9aghera, ehtmamty 9agheraa. It's so true and its the line I remember the most from all of majda elroomi's songs. some how it hits a nerve every time I listen to it and sometimes during a conversation or an event, it just pops into my head.
Are we that interlocked or it was K who told you about this ??

Deema said...

well i was thinking about this song for all this semester! and K didn't tell me about it :)

but i was rather thinking about the last verse that i just realized out of the music rhythm:

غير أن الشرقي
لا يرضى بدور

غير أدوار البطولة

note that the three verses started with words of exceptions

it is really hard to express exceptions.

Deema said...

but what me and K talked about was how energy is playing a big role in our lives !